Email kirkgibson1@gmail.com your Nectar orders ASAP or you will eat whatever I choose for you, if at all.



Food information for Wednesday -

Girls living in KA and commuters - please email me with your Chipotle burrito orders by the end of lunch tomorrow (7/19/11) or else you will not eat. kirkgibson1@gmail.com

Meat Options:
Barbacoa (Braised/Shredded beef)
Carnitas (Pork)
Vegetarian (peppers and onions and/or guacamole)

Other options:
Beans (Black or Pinto)
Salsa (Mild tomato, medium corn, medium green, hot tomato)
Sour Cream

Food information for Friday -

Look at page 2 of this menu:

You can choose one panini. No substitutions. Tell the dorm staff tomorrow after roll call.

More reminders -

1. Dinner is at Harris tomorrow (Wednesday). It will be tacos.

2. Breakfast is at the DUC on Thursday, not Harris.

3. Prepare for the dorm talent show on Friday night. Make it good.


A couple reminders to everyone -

1. Roll call is at 9 PM. This is different from room check. Males need to be in the common area of the 1st floor and females need to be in the Harris parlor. Room check is not until 11 PM where we will make sure there are 2 people per room. The only reason to be late to either of these is if your lab leaders let you out a little later.

2. Dinner will be served in the parlor of Harris tomorrow evening. It will be pizza, so if you think you don't want to eat the same type of food two days in a row, plan ahead.