-Good speed/comprehension for the 1AC.
-1AR – you’re restarting at the beginning of an argument each time that you make a small mistake in phrasing or stumble. Work on getting through an argument even if it’s not exactly how you wrote it. Check your flowing versus your speaking to see if a) you should be flowing with less written down to give yourself leeway in argument phrasing b) you’re stumbling on arguments with or without specific shorthand constructions.
-Could read another short impact card to warming to deal with qualifications and K links from the block.
-Don’t change the page of a debate (here debate over Brandenberg).

-Still need to work on quality/consistency of flowing and adjusting blocks. Several case arguments that weren’t made got responses. 2AR you made an unwinnable choice to go for warming instead of leadership because you did not flow 1AR/2NR and understand where there were concessions in the 2AC and 1AR.
-Don’t end with 10-15 seconds – that’s an analytic on politics.
-You read many cards to answer the security K that defended your leadership advantage but there was no discussion of the impact of that advantage in relationship to their K. Combine some impact arguments/internal link defenses in order to start the application of theoretical evidence earlier.
-Repetitive impact calculus in the 2AC. Choose advantage or DA, but make the argument one time.

-Slow down/separate the sentences of your couple longer K tags. They make two arguments, require the pause that two analytical arguments would.
-Careful with reading new links on China. This made the link more robust, but your strategy against their uniqueness arguments was premised on a narrower link strategy. The non-uniques from the 2AC have much greater importance for the links you added in the block without reading many additional uniqueness cards.
-Language on China impact should change. Your impact is not about Taiwan integration but the ability to deter unilateral Taiwanese independence.
-Use case arguments about China’s pursuit of SPS to explain China DA link. This is one reason it would be perceived as a direct challenge to Chinese softpower.

-Start link explanation with leadership not the spin in terms of climate/climate science. Helps frame their advantage that you have a weaker link to in light of the strength/type of link argument for leadership (i.e. unilateral or securitizing approach to climate change).
-Good on aff not realist, but didn’t answer realism denies the ability to change the international system. Need to deal with that in terms of your alternative regardless of the applicability to the aff. Comparative argument should be included in that section.
-Pay more attention to recency/qualifications in 2NR uniqueness discussion.