Wave 1 - Maggie's Group


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Day 1

Virii - Wilson
Colonization Possible/Not Possible - Preston, Roman
Earth Not Good - Akash, Fatima
Aliens are out there - Dazier

Colonization/Exploration File

For all of these arguments, we want both sides

1) Colonization
a) Technology good enough/not good enough
b) Sex in space
2) Exploration
a) We can do it/can’t do it
b) It’s Good
i) Minerals
c) It’s Bad
i) Viruses
ii) ET Kills Us
3) Earth Is Bad
a) Asteroids
b) Nuclear War
c) Cosmic Disasters
d) ET is Our Friend
4) Earth is Sustainable
5) Timeframe – how fast can we do these things?

Goal –

#1 – Exploration Disad
A. Not exploring space now
B. Plan explores space
C. That leads to viruses that cause the extinction of earth

#2 – Get Off the Rock Addons